“Walking with Mrs X”:  the board game

Walking with Mrs X is an innovative board game, based on the iconic “Why Did Mrs X Die, retold? film, and provides a stimulating, highly interactive and exciting approach to learning about, and promoting, safer childbirth in all regions and countries of the world!

 It is free to download to assemble from this website (see 'Downloads' tab) and play locally on paper with counters and dice or fully assembled and durable sets can be purchased (see below). Proceeds from the sale of the full set, which is complete with an easy to assemble multi-coloured playing board, cards, markers and dice contained within a resilient storage bags will go to making free sets available to educators and advocates working in resource poor situations.

 This innovative educational resource, especially when shown in conjunction with the "Why Did Mrs X die?" film, and which comes complete with suggested follow-up up activities has been shown to be a popular method of learning. It can be used to train all types of health professionals and students, not just obstetricians and midwives, nurses and community health workers but also health care managers, policy makers, educationalistsas well as in schools and for wider advocacy purposes amongst wider populations. Two sets of playing cards exist so the game can be played at a more in depth health professional level or for more general advocacy and learning,.

This game enables players to understand the problems these mothers face by using a counter to follow the path their own pregnant woman, Mrs. X, takes through her pregnancy and the factors that affect the outcome. These women will face a wide variety of health, social, human rights and community issues that affect so many pregnant mothers, wherever they live. Interacting with the game enables players to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of the many barriers at community, health and national levels these mothers face and how these might be overcome.

Regardless of where the players themselves live, deeper awareness should lead to greater empathy, advocacy, engagement and participation in activities that will improve maternal and newborn health.

To purchase a copy of Walking With Mrs X: the board game, please contact info@hofmab.com or use the contact form here.